Skydiving for charity in 2020?

Skydiving simply involves free-falling from the sky, but needs to be from a height of 4,000m or more. The highest skydive completed was by Felix Baumgartner, who jumped from 39,000 metres (24 miles) and broke the sound barrier in 2012.

Scuba Diving Holidays for Beginners and Masters

Scuba diving holidays are perfect if you enjoy discovering mesmerising underwater landscapes or want to discover what lurks beneath the waves. On the other hand you may just wish to enhance your photography skills by taking photos of fascinating sea

Working Holidays with Action Packed Activities

Working holidays abroad are an option to enhance your gap year or fill your spare time by doing new activities. Or if you are not usually working during your holiday it might be a new experience altogether. However, if you

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Top Tips for choosing a Mountain Bike in 2017

Fewer activities offer the same amounts of sheer thrill and freedom as mountain biking. Being able to go anywhere you want, all under your own steam. It’s the perfect blend of human & machine, a perfect hybridisation of the organic